Interior Finishes

Interior finishes include not only paint, but also stain, lacquer, wallpaper, and faux finishes. Our commitment to quality means that we always start with proper preparation, including filling of imperfections, sanding, and masking. We will also take into account any special circumstances that exist for your job, pets, allergies, children, and scheduling. For your convenience all of the products and colours used on your job will be stored in your individual job file, these files are stored digitally on a secure sever.

When we are working in your home we will make every effort to keep clean and tidy. Your furniture will be covered, and drop clothes used on the floor. We can make arrangements with you to move furniture, but we ask that anything fragile be removed ahead of time.

To ensure a quality paint job, we will ask that you review the job with one of our professional painters when we are complete; at this time our painter will complete the Certificate of Completion document with you. The Certificate of Completion acts as both a checklist and a feedback document, this is an opportunity to let us know how well we did!


Products we use for interior work include top line finishes from Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paint.