the Jo-Co Team

Mike Gilhooly
… is the second generation Owner of JO-CO, and also a second generation painter. A painting expert, Mike is proud of his deep knowledge of both painting techniques and products. Trained by a generation of painters that all had 40+ years of experience, Mike has seen, and been taught techniques that many have never even heard of. Mike is dedicated to staying current also, and regularly attends information and training sessions about new materials and techniques. Examples of these products include Water Borne Stains, Lacquers and Enamels, and C2 Guard.

Quality is a major focus for Mike, as a proud Painter, he views jobs differently than most painters, and is focused on leaving the best job possible for every customer. When asked about this focus his reply is straight to the point,

“I always try to emphasize to the crew, that anyone can do a sub-par job on their own, without paying for the priviledge”

Likewise, a strong focus on cleanliness is always for front.

“Customers are not hiring us to leave a mess behind”

The future of the paint trade is another priority to Mike, and he is committed to building the trade and making it stronger through education and training. To this point, Mike eagerly takes on apprentices and helps them obtain their Red Seal trade certificates, and he also was appointed to the Local Apprenticeship Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to be the grass roots contributors to the program, effectively helping to improve and change the curriculum to suit the needs of todays industry.

There are few painters with the level of knowledge, training and customer service focus as Mike.


Bruce McNees
….is our Office Manager and Estimator. Bruce is a true professional and is the behind the scenes guy that keeps everything running smoothly.